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Starting July 10, Solana developers can earn up to $1 million for identifying flaws in the new Firedancer validator client under a 42-day bug bounty program by Jump Crypto.

Jump Crypto Launches $1 Million Bug Bounty for Solana’s Firedancer Validator Client

Firedancer is a highly anticipated new validator client for the Solana blockchain, and its creator is urging developers to investigate any critical flaws thoroughly.

Starting on July 10, Solana developers will be able to earn up to $1 million by identifying flaws in the forthcoming “Firedancer” independent validator client.

According to Cointelegraph, Jump Crypto is providing the first-ever bug bounty program for Firedancer, powered by the Immunefi bug bounty platform. The program will operate for 42 days, from July 10 to August 21.

The utmost payout for a single bounty is $1 million, and participants can access a $1 million rewards pool, which is paid in USD Coin.

Firedancer is a novel validator client that is anticipated to enhance the efficacy of Solana’s network. As an independent client validator, Firedancer could be instrumental in processing transactions and assembling construction blocks within Solana’s $60 billion network.

Firedancer has been promoted as a preferable alternative to “QUIC,” a data transfer protocol developed by Google that has a history of failing to process transactions during increased network activity on Solana.

Cantelope Peel, a pseudonymous engineer at Jump Crypto, a blockchain infrastructure firm, has overseen the development of Firedancer v. 0.1. Peel is the same individual who announced the bounty program on July 3.

Peel stated that the team is actively testing and developing its initial iterations of the Solana consensus and fork choice algorithms.

“We are also working on live voting and various other little bits around that,” Peel added.

The C and C++ software languages are used to implement Firedancer and accommodate high trading volumes.

Anatoly Yakovenko, the CEO and co-founder of Solana Labs, has previously stated that Firedancer has the potential to enhance the pace of the Solana network.

Participants Must Complete KYC for Solana’s Firedancer Bug Bounty Program

Individuals wanting to participate in the bounty must submit their Know Your Client information during registration.

Immunefi stated that any bugs discovered in Firedancer v0.1 will be investigated and addressed within 24 hours on weekdays.

Immunefi has announced that it will publish an event-specific leaderboard and issue reports shortly after the bounty program concludes.

Nov. 2023 marked the initial launch of Firedancer on a Solana testnet. Peel and Jump Crypto have been developing the Solana validator client, according to Firedancer’s GitHub account, since January 30, 2023.

Peel proposed implementing a comparable version of Firedancer on Ethereum in March; however, significant advancements have yet to occur.

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