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Solana Meme Project Pandiana Raises 500000 To Build a Panda Themed

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Singapore City, Singapore, July 2, 2024 – In a significant leap forward for Solana-based memecoins, Pandiana a new Solana Meme project has successfully secured $500,000 in pre-seed funding to develop its panda-themed play-to-earn ecosystem. 

This infusion from Hypertrove Ventures, Gateron Ventures, and YNK Capital, along with contributions from over 15 other Web3 angel investors like Alphaequity Capital, Nanosprout Ventures which further highlights the growing investor confidence in Pandiana’s innovative approach to gaming and cryptocurrency.

Strategic Investment for a Unique Gaming Ecosystem

This pre-seed funding is set out for the robust development and marketing of the Pandiana ecosystem, aimed at building a vibrant community centered around the new game.

Pandiana’s Tokenomics – Balancing Scarcity with Utility

Pandiana‘s token structure is designed to support a sustainable and flourishing web3 environment. With a very low supply of 10 Million $PNDA tokens to ensure its scarcity and sustainable value.

Here’s how $PNDA tokens are distributed.

Presale Allocation: 40% (4,000,000 PNDA)

Team & Advisors: 15% (1,500,000 PNDA)

Ecosystem & Development: 5% (500,000 PNDA)

Play-to-Earn Rewards: 15% (1,500,000 PNDA)

Staking Rewards: 12% (1,200,000 PNDA)

Liquidity Pool: 10% (1,000,000 PNDA)

Airdrop & Marketing: 3% (300,000 PNDA)

Early Access and Engagement Opportunities

The Pandiana team also announced the $PNDA token presale offering starting on Thursday, offering early investors a chance to purchase $PNDA tokens with a minimum of 1 SOL, providing a gateway to both gaming interactions and potential early-stage investment returns.

“This funding propels us to expand within the Solana ecosystem at a crucial time, just as we’re about to broaden Pandiana’s reach,” remarked Matt Taylor, Pandiana’s lead developer.

Interested early investors are encouraged to stay tuned on more information about the upcoming presale by joining the Pandiana Telegram & Discord communities.

Why Invest in Pandiana?

Pandiana is not just another memecoin; it integrates the fun of memes with the practicality of a play-to-earn framework, making it a standout project on the Solana blockchain.

By becoming an early investor, participants gain the advantage of influencing the project’s direction and enjoying potential appreciation in their investment as the ecosystem matures.

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