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Bitcoin Futures Market Defined Worth Manipulation

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The Downside

Enemies with limitless money (The Federal Reserve Board or the Worldwide Financial Fund, for instance), can suppress the worth of bitcoin; right here, I show why their suppression can have solely non permanent results. Precisely what value suppression can obtain, long run, is debatable and never the subject of this text. I’ll simply clarify how value suppression could be achieved within the quick time period, and why the technique received’t work in the long run.

Futures Markets

Worth manipulation could be completed by means of the cash-settled futures market. Right here’s how: Think about you’ve got 1 bitcoin and want to wager on its future value. Suppose the spot value is at the moment $50,000. You write a contract that in a single yr (you possibly can select different time durations, however let’s go along with one yr for simplicity), you’ll promote 1 bitcoin at $50,000 (you possibly can truly set any value).

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